A Valentines Day Message for All the Singles Out There

To everyone that’s single this Valentines, here’s your Valentines Day message!

Hi there, fellow comrade!

Happy Valentines Day! You might be feeling especially lonely today, seeing all these happy couples on this romantic day. But you know what? This day isn’t just about them.

This is YOUR DAY.

Valentines is about celebrating love, and what other best way to celebrate love than the love for yourself?

Seriously, whenever it’s Valentine’s Day, all I see on social media are posts about couples and bitter messages from single people. It’s time to put a stop to all of that. Valentines isn’t just about romance. It’s about all kinds of love.

And seriously, in all kinds of love in the world, the hardest one to do is to love ourselves. Personally, as someone who has low self-esteem and finds it hard to even like myself sometime, isn’t it more important to love myself first before I offer my love to someone?

In this special day, go treat yourself. Eat all the chocolate you want. Buy the things you want.

Have your very own special day.

As Buddha said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Before I end this Valentines Day message, don’t ever forget to fall in love with yourselves first, whether you’re single or in a relationship. It will make not only this day special but everyday for the rest of your life.

Again, Happy Valentines!

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