Unmeant to Be

I watch you walk down the aisle. Remembered the memories we had together.The day we met and I fell in love with you straight away. With your easy smile and warm eyes. Your ridiculous stories and lame jokes, but I laughed because it made you laugh. And I’ve been laughing with you ever since. I remember the warmth of your hand when we moved to a new city. You took my hand when we took a walk because you were afraid of getting lost. My heart beat wildly the rest of the day.

The day you got your first job. I made you dinner and we toasted through the night, feeling happy and content. Your first day on the job. You were jittery and nervous. You kept on telling me every possible scenario where you could screw up. I had to walk with you to your work so I could keep on assuring you that everything would be fine.  The days you were feeling under the weather. I would buy you ice cream and join you watching romantic comedy films. The days you felt happy. The days you were sad. The moments you laughed and cried.

I remember them all. I treasure every last one of them. You are the sun, the moon and the stars in my life. My friend, my love, my destiny. As you reached the end of the aisle, a tear fell down my eye. Yes, you are my destiny. But I am not yours.

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Remalyn Estuesta

Just your average quirky millennial with a passion for writing and a pop punk girl at heart. A lover of memes and dogs, she’s usually at home reading YA novels, having a marathon of her favorite TV series, playing RPG games, and daydreaming about travelling and food.

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