VIRAL: This Girl’s Twitter Thread Exposes Ex-Bf’s Physical Abuse and the Results are Disheartening

A UST student with the twitter handle @dianekiimberly posted a series of tweets last July 14, exposing the physical aggravations she received at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Starting from the petty fights they have until the first time he hit her from the thought of her having a drink with her friend. Gradually, things got worse, even postponing going home for a month so that her family won’t notice the bruises.

The worst event was when she experienced severe hematoma, chest trauma, and bruised ribs that she had trouble breathing for weeks.

But that’s not all, the guy was also a cheater and even breaking her personal things just because he got annoyed or irritated.

Her twitter thread had gone viral, garnering plenty of support for what she has been through. A fellow netizen even exposed the identity of Kim’s former boyfriend, Kyle Viray.

Since it went viral, a former victim also shared her story when she was with Viray.



Since then, Kim had filed a case against him, which is still ongoing.

But sadly, Viray only received community service and exclusion from graduation rites. Of course, this news did not go over well with the netizens.





It’s unfortunate that such an unjust system still thrives today. But hopefully, with all the buzz and voice netizens are giving out, this issue will really be put to light and finally get the justice that the victims deserve.

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