TIBOK: DAKILA Philippines 28-Day Art Challenge

Appreciate local and Filipino art with DAKILA Philippines

If you’re not into February being a “Month of Love” or Chinese New Year, then why not spend the month appreciating Philippine Art with Dakila Philippines?

The National Arts Month is celebrated every February to promote Philippine art in various forms like music, dance, visual arts, architecture, film, and literature. This month-long celebration was declared by late former President Corazon Aquino on January 28, 1991.

Ever since its proclamation festivities have been happening around the country to promote local culture and Filipino artists through exhibits, competitions, and performances. With these celebrations, the pure genuine talent of Filipinos is once again recognized their creativity.

To further highlight Filipino artists, big or small, popular or not, DAKILA Philippines launches on its 2nd year TIBOK: DAKILA’s 28-Day Art Challenge.

The organization invites everyone to participate to create and share art work that resonate and reflect the current state of society. This challenge help DAKILA spotlight the role of creativity and creators as vital contributors to social transformation

Each day there is a unique theme for artists can get inspirations from. The organization also encourages participants to post on social media! Just use the hashtags : #NationalArtsMonth #Tibok2018 and #LahingDakila.

The selected artworks will be featured and posted on the DAKILA Facebook page and will be considered for exhibition in the culminating activity this February. The submitted works might also be part of DAKILA’s first publication by the end of the year.

If you have any questions, just ask the message at DAKILA Official Facebook Page.

Looking forward to seeing your entries online!

Note: We are not official sponsors or media partner to Dakila’s event. We just really wanted to share the opportunity to all Filipinos out there!

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