WATCH: Taylor Swift Goes Invisible and Dances in Delicate Music Video

Taylor Swift dances like no one's watching in Delicate music video!

Taylor Swift recently released her latest single from her Reputation album, Delicate on the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards when she won the Female Artist of the Year, last March 11.

The Delicate music video shows Swift on a daze and snaps back to reality in an interview. While she’s being interviewed, she receives a glowing folded up piece of paper, She then goes inside where fans (including one crazy fan) takes pictures with her and her bodyguards follow her every move. Once she’s alone, she pulls off different facial expressions in a mirror but then abruptly stops when some girls enter the room.

She turns back to the mirror and see that her reflection’s gone! She tries to get the girls’ attention but they ignore her, acting as if she’s not there. She even tries out her newfound invisibility on her bodyguards.

With her new found invisibility, Taylor Swift danced like no one’s watching.

Watch the Delicate music video below:

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