How to Step Up your Social Media Like KFC Philippines

Last October 20, a curious Twitter user noticed a witty move by international brand KFC in terms of their following. The official KFC Twitter account follows only 11 people; 5 of which were members of the 90’s girl group the Spice Girls and the 6 others were men, including popular figures, named Herb who when put together pertain to the brand’s famous secret recipe of “11 herbs and spices.”

The said tweet went viral and people have been commending their marketing team for that move. Other than the brand’s international marketing stunt, KFC Philippines has done well-thought of campaigns as well that use social media and the country’s trending topics. As a digital marketing company that values content marketing, we take a closer look at KFC Philippines’ campaigns and how you can step up your social media game as well!

1. #ChickenSad

When a chicken crisis hit a popular competitor, KFC took its chance to post on their Twitter a photo of their finger-lickin’ good chicken with the hashtag #ChickenSad, a spoof of the competitor’s product. The photo became viral, gaining original tweets with the hashtag becoming the day’s trending topic. Although many saw this childish, others commended the brand’s gutsy move on social media. During this time other competitors who offer the same product have taken the chance as well to comment on the top competitor’s chicken crisis and promote their own.

2. Goblin Star Look-Alike

When the K-drama Goblin hit local television, the whole country was so obsessed with the show that they found the lead actor’s look alike at a KFC branch! The post about the look-alike became viral with everyone commenting how the actor Gong Yoo and the cashier looked so similar. With a ton of external PR surrounding the brand, KFC themselves started a campaign to find the Goblin’s bride which is a reference to the show’s plot. This campaign showed how a trending topic and user-generated content can be your brand’s ticket to an effective campaign.

3. The Next Colonel

In light of the brand’s switch of an advertising company, both KFC and Ad Company created a full-blown online and offline campaign to launch a series of new products. The brand wanted Colonel Sanders, the founder of the famous chicken recipe, to be relateble to Filipinos despite being a foreigner. With that, they launched ‘The Search for The Filipino Colonel’ with popular actors like Ronaldo Valdez, Leo Martinez, and Pen Medina auditioning and fighting for the role.

The video became a hit with each of the actors portraying a different personality of the Colonel. Ronaldo Valdez is the first Colonel and with new appointed position came a release of a new KFC product. The brand did the same with Leo Martinez and Pen Medina having their own time in the spotlight with new products to endorse. This campaign had everybody talking about their campaign and in turn their products.

This in-depth look at KFC’s content marketing plan is to commend their strategies and to inspire other companies, whether big or small, to maximize the reach of social media. With different platforms becoming more accessible and easy to use, we encourage everyone to start building their brand through content marketing!

Our company maximizes social media to reach your fullest potential. If you want to step up your social media game, visit or send us a message at to see how we can help you!

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