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With the advancement of technology, can you believe that the digital world still has unused potential? According to Orlando Vea, “the power of digital in the Philippines and beyond can only be truly harnessed if everyone has equal access to opportunities.”

He answered the growing “digital gap” in the Philippines wherein only 54% of Filipinos have regular access to internet on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why many who want to start their business shy away with the possibility of creating and managing a website of their own.

In fact, 90% of small to medium businesses in the Philippines have little to no digital presence based on the study Google Philippines has made. This is why interested customers have a hard time in finding services they need. But if you’re a business that’s just opening this year or are interested in starting one in the near future, here are two major developments in the e-commerce and internet industry that will push you to sell online:


A virtual Visa-card that can let anybody with a mobile number in the Philippines can buy products, book flights, pay bills and services online. By just downloading the free application, you can have access to any physical store or even online shops that accept Visa cards.


Another mobile application that is set to give free and cheaper internet access for everyone. By just downloading the application you have access to their partner websites for free. If one is clicking on a link that is not supported by the company, it will give a memo that the website is of outside use. If you agree in data charges it will be redirected to the paywall which you can settle later on.

These two mobile applications are changing the way we use the internet and how e-commerce is done. In the Philippines, if you want to start building a business with a strong online presence, then we’re the perfect company to contact! We can build your business from the ground up to the digital sphere with our expert service in digital projects. Just e-mail us at!

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