#RP612fic 2018: Some of the Wittiest Tweets for Independence Day

Check some of our favorite #rp612fic tweets here!

Every year, as the Philippines celebrates Independence Day on June 12th, Filipino netizens annually posts witty and funny tweets about the special holiday that granted the country freedom from colonization.

Dubbed #rp612fic, the initials RP stands for Republic of the Philippines and the number represents the date of the Philippine Independence Day, and fic which of course stands for fiction. These posts depict historical events and moments in the present day, including social media and memes.

Check out some of the best #rp612fic tweets below:

A step into feminism

Supreme who?

The go-to blame by every parent ever

BTS Jin is shaking

Katipuneros FOREVER!

Dab on ‘em haters


I’ll be there for you…

Doc meme was started by Rizal #Fact

That mixtape was LIIIT!!!

13 Reasons to Patriotism

Grab in the 1800s


These are only some of the #rp612fic 2018 post. What were your favorites? Share them with us below!

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