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How to Get the Perfect Glow Up Transformation

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Are you familiar with the term “glow up?” Urban Dictionary defined the term as an amazing or incredible transformation. Moreover, a glow up transformation is the change from ugly duckling to a beautiful, elegant swan.

In some part, it’s also what we call a puberty transformation. In fact, it’s become a trend on social media, with people posting pictures of themselves from the past and comparing it to their present selves:

But don’t worry! You can have your very own glow up transformation with these easy steps:

Change it up

You can get yourself a total makeover by changing your hairstyle. Have it styled, colored, straightened, curled, or cut.

In fact, a great hairstyle and a haircut can change a person’s face shape!

Take care of your skin

Having a glowing, clear skin can make all the difference. It’s attention-catching and can definitely boost your confidence.

Make sure that you have a skincare routine that matches your skin type. Moisturize, use face masks, exfoliate, whatever works for you!

Stay fit and healthy

Apart from the fact that you can get a toned body, exercising releases beneficial hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and more.

Endorphins makes you feel happy, positive, and exhilarated; serotonin is a brain chemical that boosts the mood; and dopamine is a pleasure chemical.

With such hormones produced, you feel more positive and content with yourself.

Get enough rest

Getting enough sleep will keep you refreshed and blooming. It will also prevent any dark circles and eye bags from popping up.

But most of all, just rock it with CONFIDENCE

Nothing screams beauty more than confidence. Being confident in yourself shows that you love and content with yourself that nobody can bring you down. It’s the BEST way to not just feel beautiful but being gorgeous with just yourself.

With just these easy tips, you can get the glow up transformation you deserve. But you can have an easier beauty revamp with Invigor8’s premium services! You can try the IV Injection and Infusion to get a radiant skin glow or the slimming services to improve your figure. Book an appointment now to look and feel lighter!

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