The Importance of Human Interaction in BPO

A few years ago, artificial intelligence was just the imagined future of BPO but now it’s a reality that the industry is facing. AI is taking over a few call center tasks in the PH that is threatening the jobs of call center agents nationwide.

Although the world is becoming more and more digitized, a percentage of digital natives still prefer human interaction whether in-store or on the phone when asking for customer service help. In the battle of people vs artificial intelligence, who would win? We enumerate the importance of human interaction in the contact centers.

1. Humans have the ability to comprehend

When faced with problems that require more than a yes or no answer, AI is not the best option. There are so many ‘what if’ scenarios that no matter how many a programmer thinks of there will always be a situation where a client uses a complex sentence structure that a computer cannot easily detect.

2. Humans are creative and analytical

When it comes to solving problems, humans are more creative with their solutions and answers. Having another human understand you problem works well because of meeting the exact needs you want. The human brain is also capable of analyzing complicated situations easily.

3. Humans are naturally sympathetic

Automated technology can’t relate and understand like humans can. No matter how angry, frustrated, or sarcastic your manner of speaking may get the computer can’t read and determine your tone of voice and emotion. Customer service agents can listen to rants and comfort the client.

Nothing can beat human to human interactions, especially in jobs and work that require patience and empathy like contact and customer services. Research even shows, that even 2 years from now contact centers need the human touch when asking for help! When an automated voice was heard, 71 % got irritated and 67% hung up right away. It’s safe to say, BPO and Call Center companies in the Philippines aren’t threatened and are far from being obsolete.

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