Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis Trailer: A Reaction

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

I’ve been an avid fan of Final Fantasy ever since it started out as Final Fantasy Versus XII (I’m still sore over the Stella and Luna replacement.) But I still liked the release of 15, even if it was incomplete. Honestly, with the release of DLCs, Episode Gladio focusing on gameplay, and Episode Prompto having a heartbreaking story, Episode Ignis seems like a combination of both.

I was HYPED when I saw the trailer. I literally screamed when (SPOILERS! Stop reading if you haven’t watched the trailer yet) he put on the ring. I’ve always wondered how and why he injured his eyes in the game. A lot of fans theorized that it was because of Ardyn that Ignis lost his sight. By the end of the trailer, a lot finally made sense.

If you’ve watched Kingsglaive, you know that wearing the Ring of Lucii has serious consequences. When Ravus put on the ring, he lost his arm, and Nyx, the protagonist of Kingsglaive, lost his life in the process of saving Lucis from Niflheim invasion. And that dialogue Ignis said before he put on the ring, UGH! The feels were too much!

There is also a lot to look forward to, other than the storytelling. If Episode Gladio featured Cor and Episode Prompto had Aranea, you’ll be teaming up with Ravus in Episode Ignis. It’s nice that Ravus can have a back story, other than what was shown in the main game. (Again, spoilers) When he said goodbye to Luna, it was so emotional. Plus, Square Enix also revealed that this episode will have multiple endings. I swear, I won’t have the energy and will to even try get the ending, if I’m guessing right, where Ignis joins Ardyn that the trailer implied.

Overall, I can’t wait for the release date (December 13) to arrive. I’ll definitely won’t miss this DLC. Episode Ignis for the win!

Watch the trailer below:

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