Frequently Asked Questions

Boopmark is an online magazine of Innov8tive Design and Development that caters to all ages of individuals and publishes fresh new content to the public.

You can submit to our e-mail your content, which will be reviewed by our editors. Once you’re content is approved and published online, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your article is up and out in the world!

You can write and create anything as long as it’s fresh, trendy, and original!

Just because you can submit anything, doesn’t mean there’s no limitations. Kindly avoid writing anything offensive, derogatory, obscene, and defamatory. Also, refrain from submitting any spam and unnecessary links in your content. Any submissions with such content will be immediately deleted if you violate any of our posting guidelines.

Sadly no, Boopmark is looking for content that’s fully original. Please understand that any content submitted will become a property of the magazine.

Of course! We highly recommend you share it to all you friends, family, and social media! As long as you provide the link to the original post and give proper attribution for non-commercial use, you’re free to do so.

It’s either our editors haven’t reviewed your submission yet or you didn’t follow the posting guidelines of the magazine. Writing any content that you should have avoided like discriminatory and obscene content is also grounds for not publishing your submission.

Boopmark currently has 2 editors, it could be because they haven’t read it yet or you didn’t follow the magazine’s posting guidelines. Just be patient, they’ll review yours soon!

No, only Boopmark Staff can operate the magazine website. However, you can notify us by sending an e-mail at and we’ll correct any typos or errors for you.

If your question isn’t answered above, send us a message at and we’ll gladly respond.