Why Facebook and PH Government Want to Improve Internet Service

The Philippine Government and Facebook partnered up to create “ultra high-speed” broadband connection in the country. While this will make the government a third player in the telecommunications industry, this is not the main reason they made the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure (targeted to be available on 2019).

The agreement for the project, titled SECURE GovNet project, was signed last November 15 by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and Facebook, where Facebook will supply the Philippine government with at least two million Mbps that’s approximately equal with Globe and PLDT. But why does the government want to improve the country’s internet service?

Duterte’s National Broadband Plan

The National Broadband Plan intends to lessen internet cost and improve internet service. Moreover, the government’s connectivity programs, such as the Free Public Internet Access, National Government Portal, and other information and communications projects will be implemented, as part of the plan.

Internet Access to Isolated Areas

There are a lot of areas in the Philippines that are not served or does not receive enough government service, mainly the far flung provinces. With the partnership of Facebook and the Philippine government, these places can now also have access to the internet. Furthermore, the DICT stated that they will also lease specific network systems to electrical cooperatives and small-scale internet service providers.

Facebook’s missionary initiative to bridge global digital divide

According to Facebook APAC Sourcing Manager Nico Roehrich, “One of the things that we’ve been bidding out recently is our global network infrastructure.” He added that they want to expand the capacity, diversify, apply and adopt latest systems technology, which this agreement matches what Facebook wants to achieve.

Keeping in mind that the Philippines has the slowest average internet speed in the Asia Pacific as reported by Akamai Technologies’ Global State of the Internet Report last May this year. A faster and improved internet service not only just benefit the country, but also gives an advantage for your business. Customers, existing and potential alike, can search your products and/or services and connect to your website faster.

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