Fanstastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald: A Movie Review


As a Potterhead, I’ve been looking forward to the Fantastic Beasts series. While the first film was good, this one falls flat.

There were too many things happening in the film. You have Newt chasing after Tina to try and explain the misunderstanding about the LeStrange and Scamander engagement. Then you have Queenie and Jacob’s storyline. Credence’s journey to discover his true identity and Leta’s secret about her brother, Corvus.

And with this many subplots, the film became too cluttered and too sparse at the same time. Why? That’s because with so many things to cram into, I feel like there are important details that were skipped out on.

Take Nagini as an example. She was hyped for the movie and was even a hot topic with her reveal. But I wasn’t even bothered with that because hey, a backstory. Boy, was I disappointed. I was expecting more depth to Nagini. Instead, she served as an emotional crutch for Credence in his search for his identity. And while we’re on the subject, we never got to see just how Credence and Nagini’s companionship started.

And you know what else irks me?

The ending. Gosh, that ending.

(MAJOR SPOILER) Credence as an unmentioned long-lost sibling of Dumbledore? That was seriously a WTF moment for me.

I was alright with Nagini. I was okay with McGonagall appearing, despite her not being born yet, (maybe it was a nod for the Potterheads). But no.

Just no.

Now, I’ve read some of the theories floating about (Ariana’s obscurius latching itself to Credence and more). One I find most plausible is that Grindelwald is lying about it all but it still seems a pretty bad move. One Redditor pointed out the same feelings that I have on this subreddit thread.

“I don’t really know if I believe he’s a Dumbledore or not but my only issue would be is that if he isn’t it’s an annoying cliffhanger to end a movie on, to me it would lose the impact of the ending if we later find out otherwise.”

But that doesn’t mean the movie doesn’t have some good points. I found Leta Lestrange a really interesting character, carrying a regret parallel to Dumbledore’s. And watching Newt deal with new magical creatures is always a delight (the ground licking thing is such an iconic moment in the movie too!)

Overall, I hope things could be expounded on and explained better in the upcoming movies.

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