Contribute with Us!

Boopmark is looking for fresh, trendy, and original content. We’re looking to connect with writers, amateur and professional, and aspiring bloggers who are interested to contribute their work on Boopmark. You can write anything from your thoughts, opinions, reviews (book, movie, game, etc.) and any trends out there.


  1. E-mail subject must be [Category]: [Blog Title](i.e. Fashion & Beauty: How to Get Clear Skin in 5 Days). Note: Categories are listed at the end of guidelines.
  2. Your content should have a minimum of 300 words. You can go more than that, just don’t make it too long. We don’t want to lose the reader’s attention.
  3. Your submission should entirely be original and has not been published anywhere else, online and offline. And remember, we will NOT entertain any PLAGIARIZED work.
  4. All submissions must be in a Word document, named [Category_LastName]. The formatting of your content in the document should be like this: (HealthLifestyle_Santos)
  5. If you’re citing other works in your content, for example “X described the movie as a cinematic revolution…”, don’t forget to add a hyperlink so that we can cross link it and give proper attribution.
  6. There should be no offensive, derogatory, and/or obscene statement in your content. Submitting content with any of the aforementioned is grounds for deletion of submission and a warning. Subsequent submissions still containing any offending remarks will have you blacklisted.
  7. Images are required. It should be 900 x 505 pixels for the header and 640 x 480 pixels for the in-text images. If you don’t have an original photo, you can get it online as long as you send the original image link in your e-mail to credit the owner.

How to Submit

If you have any written works, you can submit it at Each submission will be carefully reviewed and approved by our editors. Once it gets approval, you will receive an e-mail notification once it’s published in the magazine website.

Posting Categories

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Technology/Digital News
  • Food
  • Trending
  • Interests

-Movies (reviews, biggest movies of the season, movie schedules)
-Games (reviews, games to watch out for)
-Literature (reviews, book recommendation lists, own stories and poems)
-Photography (can be tips, trending images, or your own photos)

Note:All images should be .jpeg, .png, or .gif and compiled in a compressed folder (.rar). It should also be properly labelled so we know which one is the header photo which are the in-text photos.