LOOK: Best Twitter Reactions to ‘Bagani’ 2018 Trailer

ABS-CBN’s Bagani 2018 trailer is out. Many people loooove it and many people hate it as well. What do you think?

The trailer of the new ABS-CBN Pinoy fantasy series “Bagani” was released a week ago and people quickly took to Twitter their disappointment on the show. Before we get into the whole drama and how it unfolded, watch the full trailer here:

It’s a good idea for a show, to be honest. It’s the best place to showcase Philippine culture and history in a new medium to a wider range of audience. Having Filipino-centric series on primetime television really makes a difference on how the general public views our history.

But the real issue raised by the public is that, with the show being Filipino-centric and ‘celebrating’ Filipino culture, why are euro-looking actors like Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, and Sofia Andres playing pre-colonial Filipino characters?

This is where a lot of people took to Twitter to express their disappointment. This is what most have to say:

And in light of the historic film Black Panther, where a predominantly black cast and crew (from the actors, directors, producers, to every single person in production) pay homage to the beauty and elegance of African culture by staying true to their roots, people started to compare the difference in representation of the two:

This isn’t the first time mestiza/mestizo Filipinos were cast to play post-colonial or historical characters, take Marian Rivera with Amaya for example:

With all these criticisms circulating around the soon-to-premier fantaserye, here is what the star of ‘Bagani’ herself has to say:

From what started as a clamor for proper misinterpretation has now become a fight on who is Filipino and who is not. Things are getting political over at Twitter!

What do you think? Should have they gotten more morena celebrities to play the cast, or should we just stick to Enrique Gil and all the current cast. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

P.S. Boopmark will get into the memeful and hilarious reinterpretations of Liza Soberano’s now famous sinigang tweet in the next blogs to come so stay tuned!

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