Antman and the Wasp: Pre-Infinity War Stakes Full of Fun and Laughs

SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own expense!

The latest Marvel movie is such a great breathe of fresh air after Infinity War (Spidey T.T). Instead of a big scheme, Hope and Hank just wants to save Janet, Pym’s wife and Hope’s mother, from the Quantum Realm. But there wouldn’t be so much of a thrill if there isn’t someone to spoil the plan. In Antman and the Wasp’s case, there were two, Sonny Burch and Ghost.

I feel like Sonny Burch can’t be considered such a threat or much of an antagonist. In my opinion, his motivation or goal to acquire the portable lab is so overplayed and honestly doesn’t have that much of an investment. Plus, their competency is laughable. They easily get defeated by Hope when she met him to get the component they need for the Quantum Tunnel and their other run-ins with Scott, Hope, and even Ava, a.k.a Ghost.

In fact, Ava could have been the stand alone antagonist for the movie. I felt more attached to Ghost’s drive, and plus she’s a lot more badass than Burch and his team. They can’t even put up much of a fight. There’s a lot more going for her than Burch.

But the best part is action and the laughs. Going from normal to small size fight and action scenes is meshed well together, from the car chases to the buildings. Plus, the ongoing problems of the new suit for Scott, going from big to small, and even the back and forth between Scott and Jimmy Woo, the FBI agent in charge of his house arrest.

Overall, this is a definitely fun movie that you should watch!

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