About Us

Boopmark is an online/digital magazine under Innov8tive Design and Development that aims to be a digital platform for aspiring and professional writers and bloggers to share, voice, and broadcast their thoughts and works creatively.

Boopmark is derived from the word “boop,” which means to poke, and “bookmark,” which refers to how people save links about things they are interested in from the internet

Our Mission

To provide content to the public that not only entertain but also to further educate them about their interests.

Our Vision

To build an online platform for writers and bloggers to share their written works with class, professionalism, and integrity.

Our Authors

We have writers and authors that regularly contribute and post their work.

Author, Boopmark: Poking your Interest

Dominik Banzon

Doms is not just your average small girl with big dreams.  Usually found online sharing dog photos and dropping opinions on social media, she also takes time to kills time by watching films and exploring the city. Currently with Innov8tive Design and Development, she’s currently working digital and content marketing.

Author, Boopmark: Poking your

Remalyn Estuesta

Just your average quirky millennial with a passion for writing and a pop punk girl at heart. A lover of memes and dogs, she’s usually at home reading YA novels, having a marathon of her favorite TV series, playing RPG games, and daydreaming about travelling and food.