5 Food that can help Burn Fat

To eat or not to eat? We all have that dilemma, especially when you’re watching your weight. But worry no more! There are food out there that not only fills your stomach but burns fat too. Here are 5 food that can help you slim down:

1. Whole grains

Did you know that your body burns twice the amount of calories to break down whole foods, particularly those high in fiber than processed foods? In fact, it even prevents storage of fat in your body.

2. Lean Meat

You don’t have to give up meat to lose some fat. Protein actually has a high thermogenic effect, the increased production of heat in the body. Your body burns approximately 30% of calories in the food during digestion. You can still eat your chicken and pork chops (as long as you remove the fat in the pork).

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit helps boost your metabolism and decreases insulin to some degree. The lowered insulin in your body prevents the storing of fat and sugar. It also reduces your appetite since a high insulin level signals the brain that it’s time to consume some food.

4. Eggs

Eggs contain plenty of nutrients, some of them are protein, vitamin B12, and leucine. Eggs has a high amount of protein that enables the body to burn fat and an increase intake of protein raises your body’s metabolism. Vitamin B12 affects the metabolic system that increases energy. This allows you to be more active. And lastly, leucine encourages the body to lose more weight and burns more fat.

5. Green Tea

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming four cups of green tea a day can help people lose more than six pounds in 8 weeks. That’s because green tea boosts metabolism and helps block new fat cells in the body. It has antioxidant ECGC that stops fat from forming and burns it.

Now that you know what food to eat when you want to slim down, gone are the days where you feel miserable with your diet. There are still a whole lot of food that has health benefits.

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